Top-of-the-line treatment

The warm atmosphere at Musquaro Lake reflects the top-of-the-line treatment that we have been offering our guests for more than 60 years. Throughout your stay, everything is organized so that your break with us will be pleasant and, above all, worry-free.

In order to ensure that your visit is both entertaining and enriching, we rely on our experienced team, devoted to giving you personalized service of an exceptionally high quality.

An abundance of flavors and attentiveness

Don’t worry about the time or the direction. Our qualified guides take you out in 18-foot fully equipped boats. Coexist with nature in complete safety on a majestic stretch of water and make the most of the exceptional quality of the fishing.

Shore lunches are definitely the high points of a stay with us. While you are sipping an aperatif, our guides bustle about, preparing your meal. Whether your fish is fried, grilled, cooked in foil or paper parcels, or prepared raw in sashimi, you are assured of a treat!

During your stay, our staff will see to cleaning your fish and carefully packing them in boxes that we provide for transport. We also offer you the possibility of smoking your fish, a delight that will satisfy the taste buds of the finest gourmets.

Musquaro Lake Club is the ideal place to allow yourselves to be pampered by all the nice little extras that the members of our team provide for you!

Characteristics of our service :

  • 1 guide for every 2 guests
  • Impeccably clean and spacious boats driven by our hardy guides (40 to 60 HP)
  • Cleaning of your catch
  • Smoking of your fish
  • Lunches prepared on the shore
  • 1 room attendant/kitchen server
  • 1 cook